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Monday, November 30, 2009

Jasmuheen JOURNEY'S continued ...

Our YouTube channel is firing with more people subscribing every day - which is all so great to witness!

I love making our YouTube videos and communicating in this way.

While those on our CIA Constant Contact list receive much longer insights and very helpful tools, it's great to also now add a blog and a tweet to the scene!

To myself and the staff at the Embassy it's all about layers in the journey of life. Layers that we create that either complete or compliment and when we all harmonize with, and complement each other, the energy fields zing.

Layers are harmonics and creating good harmonies within life is just a science so tune here for our video series on ENERGY FIELD SCIENCE to add sweeter harmonies to your life and enjoy the Embassy of Peace programs.

Tuning in ...
Love, light & laughter,

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