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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

JOURNEYING with Jasmuheen

Hi and welcome!

As I am a person who is blogged about and who has created a little controversy and noisily expanded on a few paradigms in our world, we - the staff and myself - at the Embassy of Peace, have decided to run a few blog and twitter lines out into cyberspace, just to add another layer to all that history has already recorded through other people's viewpoints.

I'd like to call the blog JOURNEYING with Jasmuheen and our journey's through life are constantly adding to the human evolutionary wave.

So in our future blogs, we'll discuss everything from the 2012, UFO's and ET games, to living the most harmonious and mutually enhancing existences together on Earth, to expanding our consciousness, clever global resource usage, to Sacred Sexuality and whatever else feels right for us. Obviously as we flow along we'll tailor make things for you according to your focus...

Some blogs and all twitter games keep contact simple - just a few lines or words with a link to something that may interest us, and that's what we'll do here.

But for those of you who love in-depth information, you may wish to begin this journey with us by opening and readings and even downloading and sharing in group discussion and with friends, our FREE EMBASSY OF PEACE manual. Designed to co-creat permanent peace in our world, these programs and projects are a result of over 40 year's dedicated intuitive study...

For those who like it brief, go to our Embassy of Peace section on our YouTube channel.

With love, light & laughter,



  1. Hi Jasmuheen!
    Thank you for all your beautiful initiatives, I admire your strength of being public with such 'new' possibilities.
    ETs, 2012... so many questions and at the same time, a deep feeling of trust and knowing. But I might start with my main interrogation: Have you thought of giving a workshop in Quebec, Canada? :)

  2. Thanks ... love to do something in canada ... love Jasmuheen


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