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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finally - we begin to release our audio books ...

Since so many now love listening to audio books .... Jasmuheen finally shares her memories and motivations around her public work with living on prana in audio form! In this book she shares of her times with Jesus, and the disciple Luke, to her times in Cathar country and being starved to death during the inquisition, to the life of an woman in India whose great loss revealed the Breatharian way; to dealing with Sadhus and sages in India modern day - all of this and much more Jasmuheen shares as well as finally revealing the details of some of her most spectacular media trials as she continues to educate the world into this phenomenon.
Breatharian Pathways – is now available as an MP3 audio book at our iTunesstore for $16.00 or download from this site now for a special price just for you of $11!

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