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Monday, April 14, 2014


Excerpt from The Prana Program research manual

Q: What is inter-dimensional life?

A: It is the experience of our natural multi-dimensional nature that comes via a journey of expansion of our consciousness. By changing our brain wave patterns we can experience the different realities of more subtle and refined dimensions that exist within us and around us.

Q: Some people have criticized your first books on this due to your constant referencing to Holy Ones and Beings of Light. What relevance – if any – do they have to The Prana Program?
A: Nothing and also everything. Firstly the initial process that I underwent that gave me the gifts of being free from the need of physical food, came through the ascension networks. Downloaded from Serapis Bay, in the early 1990’s, it was trialed by one group based in Australia, with various success.  For some it was an easy conversion, for others not, yet all experienced an increase in their intuitive abilities. As those abilities expanded so did our contact with and understanding of inter-dimensional life.

Q: Is knowledge or experience of these Beings of Light an important reality in The Prana Program?
A: No, for example – to use television venacular – some people only like the Buddhist or Muslem Cosmic TV channels and never channel surf, hence their experience of inter-dimensional realities remains vague or limited by choice. Others confine their dimensional experience to 3D Earth and its games of struggle for survival. Everything is possible and if we can think of something it can be brought into reality on some level or else we wouldn’t have the thought. Hence we can access many of the benefits of The Prana Program using the science of the fields. Other benefits that are literally quite delightful – like liasing with inter-dimensional life – can only be enjoyed when we open to its channel. As creative beings we can choose to dwell in any reality we desire but choices are broadened with education and experience.

Q: You often say that human evolution and The Prana Program particularly, is being overshadowed by inter-dimensional Being’s of great light and love, can you share more of this?
A: In my experiential model of reality, there are many inter-dimensional groups tuning into Earth’s evolutionary process, guiding and overshadowing and sometimes interfering e.g. A recent TV series director Steven Spielberg called “Taken” focused a lot on interference by the Zeta Reticuli and their experimentations. However there are also benevolent bodies who download to open minds – via the U.F.I. – lots of evolutionary enhancing technology to guide Earth; from The Prana Program to Tesla technology, free energy systems and so much more.

Q: But didn’t The Prana Program’s nutritional aspect originally came from ancient wisdom sources not inter-dimensional?

A: All wisdom – at some point – is downloaded interdimensionally through the act of consciousness expansion that allows an individual greater access to the U.F.I., the Universal Field of Infinite Love and Intelligence.

Q: For many years you promoted the Luscious Lifestyles Program as a way of increasing the pranic flow. How did you discover this?

A: An eight point action plan that includes daily meditation, prayer, mind mastery, a light diet, exercise, service, time in silence and the use of mantras and devotional songs, these points formed the lifestyle that I found to be practiced by everyone who was experiencing the most benefits of The Prana Program. It is also the lifestyle that I received telepathically from Mother Mary when I asked her for a recipe to eliminate suffering on Earth.

Q: In some very religious countries you are criticized more for your work with inter-dimensional life than for The Prana Program, why do you think this is?

A: Religion and power often go hand in hand with many promoting that inter-dimensional contact is only possible through intermediaries such as gurus or priests. However in my reality and experience it is our calibration that determines contact with the Holy Ones and/or Angelics. Many power mongers do not like to hear someone say that God is within and that we can go direct to Source for anything as it shifts the balance of power and eliminates the need for middlemen.

Q: You describe the path as that of the warrior and the goddess. The discipline of the warrior is clear; but what about the goddess and the Madonna Frequency?
A: On one level living a prana only nourishment regime is a warrior path and it’s not in everyone’s blueprint to do it. To do it we need to be in balance which requires a blending of all the energies – masculine and feminine. But being in balance means different things to different people. When I was doing the research for the Light Ambassadry and going through that experience myself, I was attracted to and needed, the disciplined warrior energy.
Now that the foundation of our work has been laid, the energy has changed again to express more of the Goddess as the Divine Mother so my focus has shifted over the years to the benefits of manifesting Divine Love, within us and around us, and to the experience of Grace that this attracts.  It is also the Goddess energy as the Madonna Frequency that is now beaming through inter-dimensionally to stabilize our world into a more peaceful expression.

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