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Monday, April 7, 2014


Excerpt from The Prana Program research manual

Q: What is the science of the fields?
A: The science of the fields is the study of light ray and sound wave influences as they move through the dimensions of creation. It is also the study of universal laws, intentionally directed mind power and how observing and consciously programming a field can influence its formation. Hence it can cover research into personal, community, global, universal and even dimensional energy field emmanations and how these impact on each other and interrelate. It can also often cover our ability to either drain or feed an energy field by our presence. (We cover this in detail in the Biofields and Bliss trilogy)

Q: You often refer to prana also as Chi or Cosmic Particles and also as the Divine Love aspect of the Violet Light. Can you explain the differences if there are any?
A: The flow of prana can be felt as a vibration of love that is intuitively experienced to be divine in its limitless nature, as when it flows through the body every cell dances to its rhythm and feels complete and whole somehow. When one meditates on this river of love light, and looks at it through the third eye with our inner visionary capabilities, we can see its violet light hue.
    Cosmic particles carry a perfect blend of seven elements that we know of – Earth, water, fire, air, astral light, akasha and cosmic fire and these create the perfect mix and flow of nourishment for the human system when it can attract enough of these particles for continued sustenance. My hypothesis is that it is the flow and blend of these elements that sustains health enough to be food free and that the element mix needs the perfect amount of astral light, akasha and cosmic fire.
    The more a human system can vibrate to the resonance of Divine Love, the more prana or cosmic particles it attracts although the element mix we can attract will alter according to which dimension we anchor or expand ourselves into.

Q: What do you mean by ‘dimension we anchor or expand ourselves into’?
A: Although as eternal beings of limitless love and infinite intelligence we exist through all dimensions simultaneously as part of a cosmic web of life, most people limit their conscious awareness to the 3rd dimensional plane of physical life on Earth. The more we expand and refine our consciousness to move through the higher dimensions, the more cosmic fire, akasha and astral light that we attract and radiate through our systems and the freer from human limitations we become.  We cover more on the dimensions in my book In Resonance.

Q: You say that prana is the purest form of nourishment there is, why?
A: Due to its violet light essence, prana as cosmic particles provides the building blocks to create and then sustain all life. It holds within its essence all the forces of creation and contains all the elements required to create life – from molecular levels to vitamin and mineral levels. Hence it is pure and unlike a lot of modern day physical food it is free from food coloring, insecticides, pesticides and genetic modification. Therefore a prana only nourishment regime frees us of many modern day dietry concerns.

Q: What is the Violet Light and why is it so powerful?
A: Violet light is composed of three frequencies. The pink light that flows as waves of Divine Love as the original food that birthed and sustains all creation; golden white light as Divine Intelligence that carries all the mathematical codes and formulas required for creation to express itself through the dimensions and to operate the universal field; plus the blue aspect of Divine Power that provides the strength and impetus to create with love and wisdom and bring creative thought into tangible manifestation.
    Using creative visualization, directed will and pure intention, violet light can be used in The Prana Program to flood a bio-system with cosmic particles for nutrition and also hydration, and if specifically programmed it can free the system from all human limitations such as the need to age, die or take external nourishment.

Q: How is the Violet Light utilized?
A: Used by master alchemists throughout time, violet light can be directed by thought, will and intention and telepathically programmed to provide specific outcomes as just mentioned. It can also be used as a basis for supportive or transmutative grid structures in the field of dimensional biofield science to prevent burn out of our electrical circuitry as we increase the pranic flow.

Q: What do you mean by ‘burn out’?
A: It is not unusual for some people when they activate the kundalini energy that it can overwhelm the bio-system – due to its potency – and create problems with the circuitry of the body. Too much too soon can be damaging hence violet light grids can regulate the pranic (kundalini) flow.

Q: How else can the Violet Light be used?
A: As the visual aspect of the 7th ray of spiritual freedom, the violet light is currently being used for transformation – to alchemically merge the physical world with a non-physical etheric world of dreams where there is a higher, more harmonious paradigm of human expression. This is a world idealists and alchemists have willed into creation that is free of injustice or health and hunger issues and where prana power is understood and utilized for its obvious personal and global benefits.
Q: In the Biofields Series you talk a lot about Biofield Grids, Four Body Fitness and how these affect the pranic flow. Can you elaborate on this briefly here?
A: Biofield Grids form the basis of all fields and consist of light rays and sound waves which carry beneficial Coded information. Biofields and grids can only be seen by using the Language of Light which is the language of the Dimensional Biofield. The Language of Light is available to all who activate their 6th and 7th senses which we do by our daily lifestyle focus. Biofield Grids surround, and are woven through all life forms and the human bio-system has a supporting foundation of an inner Grid called the Lightbody that supports the meridian’s and acupuncture points.

Q: Can you share more regarding the Lightbody and how it works with the pranic flow?
A: The Lightbody, as a matrix type web of energy, is the antenna for receiving signals from the fields and these signals come both inter-dimensionally and from a myriad of sources. Each Lightbody acts as a radio and television station, constantly beaming out into the Social and Global Biofields, affecting each one by leaving an imprint of our resonance and also attracting back to us, via a system of biofeedback looping, exactly what we need. It is also encoded with all the blueprints and data we need for successful and effective co-creation.
    In Dimensional Biofield Science, the energy received by the Lightbody flows through our sun and is stepped down in frequency to feed our body's meridians and chakra system. The level of energy that flows through these then determines our fitness levels, and the less blockages or restrictions to the flow, the healthier and happier we are. The voltage we can receive into our bio-system is determined by its capacity to receive.

Q: Can you share a little more of your research into field science?
A: As a higher light scientist, below is some of my understanding of the fields. 
    Firstly, in Biofield Science each field constantly influences the other, and how much influence each has depends upon the frequency of each individual. All fields are part of the Dimensional Biofield Grid and each grid contains a multitude of frequency patterns. Grid points are where light rays and sound waves cross. This is where consciousness tends to be drawn and coagulate and create what I call a “Grid Station”. Successful Biofield Grid tuning needs to be practiced with discernment and requires us to know enough of all Grid Stations to choose our sources carefully and provide ways for us to magnetize more prana. Using Dimensional Biofield Science techniques, all Biofields can draw new frequencies through their own foundation Grids, and influence the frequency in each field and also feed fields.
Each Lightbody Biofield Grid has been pre-encoded in its DOS – the Divine Order System that supports all life in the Grid. Decoding this information brings true fulfillment in life as the Grid tuner eventually becomes better informed in the art of Dimensional Biofield Science.
Biofield Grids operate via energy transmissions that are governed by Universal Law.
Dimensional Biofield Grids and their subsequent transmission signals can be harmonized, or overhauled and completely retuned, by our application of RECIPE 2000> as discussed in the Biofields Series.

Q: How does field flow mastery effect evolution?

A: Our mastery of energy fields makes our creation more conscious and intentionally directed and able to determine more specific and desired outcomes. It allows us to move from exisiting in fields of random chaos, filled with or driven by victim consciousness, to acting as if we are intelligent creative beings and experiencing the benefits that self knowledge and self mastery brings. We do this by a system that I call “field irradiation” or “flooding”, which means allowing the intensity of our personal calibration to overwhelm and retune the surrounding fields.

Q: How does Quantum Physics relate to prana?
A: On a simplistic level, Quantum says that every atom is a door to a universe when we look at subatomic levels. It is through these inner atom doors that prana flows to feed us particularly when accessed via the type of internal violet light feeding mechanisms that we will discuss later.

Q: Can you define quantum in its more usual sense?

A: According to science and http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Quantum_Physics, “Quantum mechanics is a fundamental physical theory which extends and corrects classical Newtonian mechanics, especially at the atomic and subatomic levels. It takes its name from the term quantum (Latin for “how much”) used in physics to describe the smallest discrete increments into which something is subdivided. The terms quantum physics and quantum theory are often used as synonyms of quantum mechanics.”
“Quantum mechanics describes with great accuracy and precision many phenomena where classical mechanics drastically fails to agree with experiments, including the behavior of systems of very small objects typically the size of atoms or smaller, but also some macroscopic phenomena, like superconductivity and superfluidity.”
“It is the underlying framework of many fields of physics and chemistry, including condensed matter physics, quantum chemistry, and particle physics. The foundations of quantum mechanics were established during the first half of the 20th century by Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and others. Some fundamental aspects of the theory are still actively studied.”

Q: You talk a lot in your research about resonance and the importance of being a tuned instrument so that we can magnetize enough pranic energy to nourish us on all levels. What exactly is resonance?
A: “In physics, resonance is an increase in the oscillatory energy absorbed by a system when the frequency of the oscillations matches the system’s natural frequency of vibration (its resonant frequency). A resonant object, whether mechanical, acoustic, or electromagnetic, will probably have more than one resonant frequency (especially harmonics of the strongest resonance). It will be easy to vibrate at those frequencies, and more difficult to vibrate at other frequencies. It will “pick out” its resonant frequency from a complex excitation, such as an impulse or a wideband noise excitation.
In effect, it is filtering out all frequencies other than its resonance.” http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Resonance
The above also applies to the harmonics of a human bio-system which can be tuned and in perfect resonance with the universal field and hence attract maximum pranic flow or untuned and hence attract chaotic signatures that create and stimulate disease and disharmony.

Q: Do humans have a perfect resonance and if so how do we tune to it?
A: The perfect resonance of a human system is that of its original Divine DNA codes which is pure prana expressed as a Divine Love field filled with limitless potential. Realignment back to these natural signatures comes via our desire to know all aspects of our nature, via our conscious intention, and via our lifestyle and how we choose to spend our time.

Q: Where does the reality of reincarnation fit into The Prana Program or your personal model of it?
A: Personally I believe in the science of the indestructibility of energy, that energy cannot be created or destroyed but simply changes form. I also believe that humans are a system of energy that can be tuned to various realities and realms of experience. To me the heart that drives the human energy system is the immortal DOW – the Divine One Within – whose gifts and abilities are limitless.  When we consciously tune more to its channel and less to the external world we become more effective and enjoy the evolutionary process in a deeper more profound and fulfilling way.

Q: What is the morphogenetic field?
A: This is the field that is the sum total of all life’s vibratory signatures, i.e. every living things energy field all mixed into one soup of specific frequencies, with the dominant combination driving the field or holding it in set paradigms. As a field surrounding the planet, its imprint in the universal and inter-dimensional fields changes as human consciousness changes.

Q: Can prana be measured scientifically?
Answer with Eltrayan: In recent years substantial scientific testing has been done to establish the presence and nature of pranic emissions. However, the methodology of modern science stresses that the observer and the observed are separate and this is an essential feature of scientific observation. But traditional prana theory stresses that according to the most fundamental reasoning, the observed and the observer are in fact one, both consisting of prana, and are inseparable. Therefore, the observer alters what is observed by observing it, which is what in fact occurs at the level of quantum physics. This makes the accurate measurement of prana by traditional scientific methods difficult.

Q: What sort of other properties does the prana flow exhibit?
Answer with Eltrayan: Numerous scientific tests conducted by Chinese scientists have established the most remarkable properties of prana, e.g. prana has been proved to be able to penetrate walls and tens of metres of dense material. Consequently neutrons, neutrinos, gamma rays and x-rays were considered, because they had these properties. However, on testing it was found that prana was not exclusively any of these emissions.
    The nature of the external prana has been studied in China for many years, involving almost all fields of modern physics such as infra-red radiation, ultra-violet radiation, electro-magnetic waves, micro waves, magnetic fields, neutrons, electron physics and so on. However, those who have participated in the experiments suggest that the properties of external prana are still far beyond what may have been studied. It is obvious that there are physical properties of external prana yet to be discovered due to the limitations of our current understanding of science and technology.
    It was demonstrated that experiments using prana emissions can be conducted at a distance of 2,000km from the emitter of the prana to the experiment. This is difficult for science to comprehend. However, prana does not seem to obey the normal scientific rules pertaining to proportionality. It can probably be best compared with a laser beam which can travel long distances and not lose much intensity in its travels. The point seems to be that there is no evidence that external prana is a gravitational or electro-magnetic force, and therefore does not necessarily obey the scientific law of proportionality.
Note:     All experiments regarding external pranic treatment have to be made with the external prana emitted by pranic masters, that is healers or teachers in the field. Prana emission consumes the prana master’s vital energy, and is subject to their physical and mental conditions. As a result only similar, but not identical results can be obtained from different pranic emissions. Further, external pranic experiments often produce results that seem difficult to explain using modern scientific knowledge and demonstrate unusual phenomenon that are often beyond common sense.

Q: What other research has been done on prana emissions by the Chinese?

Answer with Eltrayan: Another scientific oddity is the paradox of being able to move solid objects through barriers. A simplistic explanation is that an object with one dimensional freedom can only move back and forth on a straight line. If there is an obstacle on the line, the object cannot pass it.  The object with two dimensional freedom however, can easily pass around it. For an object being only able to move in a two dimensional plane it will be stopped when it is surrounded by a circling obstacle. But an object with three dimensional freedom can easily get over this circling obstacle from above and move on.
    It is natural to deduce that an object with four dimensional freedom will not be hindered by an obstacle in a three dimensional space. Therefore, pills sealed in a bottle, where the pills have four dimensional freedom, would not be impeded by the three dimensional bottle. The three dimensional pills enter into a fourth dimensional space the instant they receive external prana emitted by a prana master who has extraordinary functions.
    A Chinese scientist from the Institute of Space Medical Engineering captured the whole process of pills escaping from a bottle using a high speed camera. He found one frame of film among several thousand frames showing half of a pill coming out of the side of the bottle and the following three frames showing the whole pill gradually dropping down. The observers suggested that the instant a pill receives the external prana emitted by the prana master, it enters into a state of virtual mass thereby passing through the bottle without resistance and afterwards turns back into its original real state – a pill. They of course have no explanation as to why the pill goes into a fourth dimensional space or virtual mass space, after receiving the external prana.

Q: What have scientific experiments concluded regarding pranic flow and emissions?

Answer with Eltrayan: The conclusion of many scientific experiments is that before external prana reaches the sample being tested it does not have a definite form or state such as infra-red radiation, gamma rays or neutrons, instead it only has the general characteristics of external prana, such as penetrating, targeting and bi-directionality. Only at the moment it reaches and touches the sample being tested does the external prana acquire the definite state corresponding to the conditions required to change this sample in a predetermined way. For example, external prana may act like ultra violet light, infra-red radiation or neutrons to affect the object. Scientists call this characteristic ‘target-adaptability’ of external prana.

Q: There are various models or processes for accessing the “living purely by prana state”, can you share about these?

A: Yes below are the ones that I have personally experienced and also a few others that I am aware of.
1.    The paths of Giri Bala and Therese Neuman as discussed in An Autobiography of a Yogi.  For Giri her method was Kriya-Yoga and for Therese great faith, trust and love for, and in, the Divine.
2.    The ancient yogi path as spoken of in Vedic literature – using again Kriya-Yoga and Pranayama processes of breath and light work.
3.    Morris Krok using various lifestyle refinement methods as detailed in Diet, Health, & Living On Air.
4.    Wiley Brooks in the early 1970’s – I am unsure as to his exact model.
5.    The 21 day process – as outlined in the book Living on Light – a spiritual initiation to increase the pranic flow, a small by-product of which can be the freedom from the need for physical food.  This model can be dangerous for the unprepared.
6.    Prahlad Jani’s model of being fed and hydrated through a hole in his soft palette. As researched by Dr Sudhir Shah in Ahmedabad in India.
7.    The model offered in the book The Food of Gods which combines lifestyle tools and Taoist and Vedic methods.
8.    Hira Ratan Manek’s Solar Nourishment method which we discuss in more detail later. As researched by Dr Sudhir Shah in Ahmedabad in India.
9.    Zinaida Baranova’s method of supreme trust, faith and love.
10.    The model offered in The Law of Love that shares of a fluid and food free existence using ancient Taoist tools and futuristic science.
11.    According to an ABC news story, there is also the case of the 15 year old Buddhist boy in Nepal called Ram Bahadur Banjan who has sat under a tree, in the jungle of Bara, since May 17th 2005 and as at the time of the story in November he had not eaten or drunk anything, nor spoken, for six months.
* Note: points 5, 7 & 10 are covered in Jasmuheen’s manuals of the same names. 

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