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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Two great breath techniques!

The below is for those who said you wanted some good tools and techniques! Big love to you all - Jasmuheen ...

Breathing Techniques for magnetizing and increasing the pranic flow using the love breath meditation and the Ancient Vedic Holy Breath tool. Both of the following techniques increase the amount of nourishing chi and prana in the body and expand our cells capacity to attract and radiate nutrition from the Theta-Delta field. We then add additional techniques such as pranayama and basic pranic breathing. Our breath is one of the most powerful tools we have for the feeding and fine tuning of our bio-system. Free, and at our constant control, we can utilize various breath techniques to achieve many things from calming and de-stressing the bio-system to increasing the pranic flow and improving our health and more. While there are many techniques of breath work, for the Divine Nutrition – Prana Program, I recommend the below two.
Breath Technique no. 1: This technique is designed to tune us to attract a different mix of cosmic particles. I call it the Love Breath meditation. Do for at least 5-10 minutes each morning and evening or until you really feel as if all you are is love and all you do comes from this love. Do the following 3 steps every morning and as much as you remember to do it and see how you feel after a month or so … 
  • Step 1 – imagine yourself connected on the inner planes with a beam of pure love that flows from the heart of the Divine Mother* into your heart chakra. 
  • Step 2 – Inhale of this love deeply and chant as you inhale “I am love”. Keep chanting this mantra over and over with sincerity and know that the chant is opening all your fields to love. 
  • Step 3 – Exhale this love slowly out into your body and chant “I love” over and over with sincerity as you imagine this love filling every cell and then flowing out from your auric field and into your outer world. 
  • Also with this tell your body over and over until it tingles “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you” as per technique no. 3. 
(* or a never ending source of pure love.) This exercise opens our cells to receiving pure Divine Mother Love as it strengthens our Divine heart and our ability to attract, hold and radiate love in this world. It also helps to change our brain wave patterns from Beta-Alpha to the Theta-Delta zone. This is definitely a ‘try it and experience the difference’ tool which takes some focus and discipline. As we have shared in other manuals, a basic breathing technique like this one which uses the “I am love, I love” mantra, is also a wonderful way to train what the Indian yogis call our ‘monkey’ mind to remain still and focused. Many western people are unable to focus their mind on just their breath for more than a minute or two without finding themselves thinking of work, or shopping, or other things, yet mind mastery is absolutely necessary to enjoy the full benefits of The Prana Program. Untrained in the art of stillness, the western mind in particular requires this type of training as a pre-requisite for attaining inner and outer peace.
Technique no. 2: The Ancient Vedic Holy Breath. Over 5000 years old this technique achieves a number of things. Firstly what actually breathes us is our DOW – the Divine One Within us who is here to have a human experience and who utilizes our physical, emotional and mental bodies to do so. Without Its energy we could not and would not exist and when we match Its breathing rhythm we begin to glimpse Its power of nourishment. Using this tool is also like saying to your DOW “Are you there? I really want to experience you”.

  • Take a few moments and sit in stillness then,
  • Breathe through your nose with deep, fine and connected breaths, no pausing as you inhale then exhale so that you are literally circular breathing.
  • Once you have an even rhythm, move your awareness to the energy behind your breath and just watch and feel your breathing rhythm.
  • Remember you are focusing now on the inner force that breathes you and you will know when you have found Its rhythm as you will begin to feel Its waves of love pulsating through you.
  • After awhile you will no longer be focused on deep, fine connected breathing and instead will feel as if you are being breathed.


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