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Monday, March 24, 2014


Excerpt from The Prana Program research manual - PRANA AS EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL FOOD - (this is still part of Chapter 2)

Q: How can prana feed the emotional body, and what benefits are there with this?
A: The human emotional body is constantly seeking nourishment and is naturally open, and attracted, to love. Our educational and cultural systems guide us to look at self love, family love, romantic love and even unconditional love and unfortunately these systems often negate the power and influence of Divine Love, which is the source of all love that we can know. One of the base essences of prana is Divine Love, or what some term the Madonna Frequency, and to experience Its increased flow within us feeds and fulfills us in unimaginable ways.
    What many have forgotten and take for granted is the reason that we are being breathed. Something, some energy force, has control over our breathing mechanism and loves us enough to keep this pulsing so that we may experience life. When this energy withdraws Its love and focus from the bio-system it dies and no amount of oxygen will bring back life.
    Deciding to experience the emotional gifts of the intelligence that exists behind the breath, that is breathing us, is a very nourishing and rewarding journey.  What the ancient yogi’s understood is that when we match our beat to the rhythm of the One breathing us those feelings of love increase.  Merging with It consciously reveals a depth and breadth to our emotional spectrum that is unavailable to us if all we focus on is self love, family love or romantic love.
    Ignoring something doesn’t make it non-existent, it just tends to limit our experience of it.  Focusing on Divine Love, which is the love our higher, more Divine nature has for us, is what delivers the emotional benefits of:-
  • increased emotional sensitivity so that we can enjoy
  • increased feelings of Oneness, joy plus inner and outer peace;
  • increased feelings of passion and purpose and feeling fulfilled and fed on deep emotional levels;
  • increased feelings of limitless love.
Q: How is prana utilized as mental food?
A: Firstly chi follows mind, so wherever we focus our mind we will find an influx of chi or prana following and flooding into the area that we are focused upon. Chi is like a puppy dog that is curious to see what its master is focused on and so follows its master everywhere.
So increasing the pranic flow:-

  • activates the areas of the brain not used in basic survival issues;
  • increases clarity;
  • increases creativity;
  • increases intuition and knowing as when directed it can further activate and feed the pituitary and pineal glands;
  • brings in the ‘like attracts like’ paradigm, as our brain wave patterns change which changes how the U.F.I. responds to us;
  • expands consciousness and activates super conscious or higher mind.
  • Also the violet light aspect of prana responds to programming as Chi flows where mind goes.

Q: How can we use prana as spiritual food and what are the benefits – personally and globally – of doing so?
A: Some benefits of this are:-   

  • Increases unification by increasing feelings of Oneness and personal fulfillment;
  • provides a common bond of experience of our Divine essence that takes us beyond religious ideologies and doctrine thus providing unity and tolerance;
  • increases creative flow and stimulates higher brain centers which expands consciousness and knowing of higher realities and our place within it thus providing more harmonious global and universal paradigms;
  • promotes internal and external intergration, balance and harmony and thus increases our feelings of inner and outer peace;
  • changes the frequencies we radiate so we feed the world rather than drain it.

Q: What is the simplest science to understanding how The Prana Program’s benefits can be manifested?
A: Prana Program benefits are experienced:-

  • when we understand that we are all just systems of energy that can be tuned or untuned;
  • when we consciously change our brain wave patterns via how we spend our time i.e. what we focus upon and our lifestyle;
  • when we understand and apply the Universal Law of Resonance;
  • when we apply effective mind power by mastering our thinking patterns, eliminating limited beliefs and
  • when we consciously work in harmony with Universal Mind and its infinite field of love and wisdom.

Q: What is the simplest procedure a person needs to adopt for gaining The Prana Program benefits?

  • Firstly, become educated in The Prana Program and its power;
  • next learn breathing patterns and understand all you can about breath power;
  • also understand mind power and how to use it to attract and absorb cosmic particles.
  • In addition, apply the internal feeding mechanisms and program outlined in the last section of this book;
  • and bring yourself into a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness via your lifestyle, perceptions and belief choices.
  • Finally, understand about and then adjust your personal calibration.

Q: What are some other benefits of being sustained by prana that you have personally experienced?
A: The process of digestion utilizes energy, when this is no longer required this energy can be redirected for other purposes. So for me, it seemed to enhance my creativity and expand my inter-dimensional telepathic abilities. Due to my daily lifestyle choice, and what it entails, it is impossible to separate what is responsible for the magic I now experience daily in my existence as meditation, strong inner guidance, focusing on my own harmonious evolution, and service, while existing on prana all are interwoven. The Prana Program has led me to understand more about the power of mind over matter, mortality patterns, limitless being and self mastery, ascension, the path of enlightenment, being in service to a greater more loving paradigm and so much more.

Q: Are there any other benefits that people have reported?
A: Yes one other benefit of The Prana Program, and increasing the prana flow through our systems, is that it gives us the food we need to remember and awaken to our true nature. I tend to liken the experience of awakening to our DOW (however we may choose to remember and awaken to It) as finally getting to play with the ‘big kid’ (for our Divine nature is a more civilized being of great light and love) who happens to know all the tricks and have all the fun!  It is all knowing, all powerful, all loving and all wise and exists through all time, space and dimensions.
Also The Prana Program often stimulates us to master the physical, emotional and mental bodies and to integrate these bodies into one complete, Divine whole that works in unison to express our maximum potential harmoniously. Although the benefits of increasing the pranic flow manifests most obviously in the physical body, one must really also continue with intense work on both the emotional and mental bodies while being guided by our inner spiritual being throughout the whole conversion process.
Regardless of how we choose to achieve it, many now believe that all beings upon this plane at this time must eventually complete their learning cycle and master themselves and bring their being back into perfect alignment with their DOW. It is my reality that this process of awakening and self mastery is no longer a matter of choice, for the planet is on a destined course for a more enjoyable and effective evolution.

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