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Friday, January 17, 2014


I was in deep meditation last night, when the fields within and around me opened to pulsate with the rhythms of what true friendship feels like when it extends its flows out through all realms - so sweet, powerful and supportive! Love the way that new operational standards are now being infused as deep experiences to lead the way into more permanent states of true unity consciousness ... then came across this poem I received from the Cosmos as few years ago ... so apt ...
For more on friendship we have our YouTube video at this link called Friendship’s Beach – a poetic insight to it all from a D5+ view!

If we can commit, to enhance all we meet; 
if we can commit, to respect all we greet; 
if we can commit, to trust and thus belong; 
to hold clear visions, open-hearted in song; 
if we can commit, to be rhythms of love, 
then we can be free from restrictions glove …

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