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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jasmuheen talks to Tianying in Zurich 2013

Really loved meeting this one and so much Grace how it happened recently in Zurich - such a sweet hearted loving being!

Part 1 - In this interview Jasmuheen talks to Tianying (the Qigong practitioner from the Tian Gong Institute in Berlin) who, like Jasmuheen, has also been physically nourished by CHI since 1993. 

Tianying states ... "if you look at the world through the love in your heart, you will see love everywhere ..." and also "I knew from the beginning that BIGU is so fantastic, if it can heal me, it will heal the world ..." as Jasmuheen shares, this is all just about freedom of choice, a chance to be nourished in a different way that is great for our health and environment.

Also see Part 2 at this link. BIGU BENEFITS - Continuing on with Jasmuheen and Tainying as they share more of the state of BIGU and Tianying's life with this plus modern day Qigong BIGU practice and more.

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