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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Prana Program in India

In India I always meet an abundance of doctors and scientists who are also committed to spiritual life. Because of their own meditation experiences they are always open and fascinated by our research into pranic living for while their yogis have lived on prana for thousands of years, they haven’t done the personal research to understand the science of it all. To have a Western woman among them who has personally experienced this phenomenon and taken the time to research it as fully as possible, is an opportunity for discussion they rarely want to miss.
   I look at my time with this in the West with so many saying “It’s just not possible!” and then the effort they spend wanting to prove why it’s not possible; and then in India with doctors who say instead “How is it possible?” who then listen to our findings and do corollary research with the data we provide them. This is such a blessing for me, such a difference. Quantum physicists working on the subatomic level, have already proven that we alter an event or flow of particles just by our observation of it, so as we, the Divine Being’s that we are, interact in our mastery with the particle mix contained within our physical form and within the interdimensional realms then we alter reality and ‘normality’ within us and around us in just the same way.
   It is all about consciousness. It is all about BEingness.
   Being the Divine force that we are. The force who has a drop of its essence in each body. The force that we can meditate on so that it grows and blossoms within us via the 3 Universal Laws of Love, Oneness and Resonance. The force that in its infinite love, wisdom and power can then deliver through us and to us all its gifts if only we open ourselves to the possibility that a) it exists and b) that it has gifts to deliver.
   In India the perfect people come to me, as they do in the Western world, open to synthesize what is said and open for me to radiate out through my Beingness, as I open even deeper to allow this force to channel into this physical plane, whatever is the highest harmonic for all.
   It’s all about openness, allowance, intention, clarity and resonance.
   I may not have all the answers regarding how we will eliminate the hunger issue in India (as discussed as the 4th project in the Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program) but I do know that if it can be done, via who and what we are, then it will be done, and so the right networks are forming. Meeting with Shri Shri, reconnecting again with the bright light shining Beings at Pyramid Valley, many who are doctors, coming here to this resort and now talking constantly to the media in India who find me, all of this is weaving a web so important to the fulfilment of the agenda.
   And again while I do not have all the ‘how’ details, I do know how to pray and program, how to bathe in this field of infinite love and I know more now how to just relax and be the rhythm of love in action. Hopefully this is enough to manifest in joy all that is to unfold in this land; a land so full of contradictions, a land so rich and pure, a land with so many people who carry the pulse of their ancestors and who are quick to remember who they truly are.
   Some say that in our Western world, people have drugged themselves into deep states of unawareness via the pulses of television and general ‘busy’ness and by blindly accepting the limited paradigms of separatist thought forms, through cultural and educational programs, and yet I have witnessed much of this changing as people step back, go within and, with open hearts, seek resolution so that all may live in peace.
   Some say that in India it is the same. That those watching television have been made so hungry for Western wealth and realities that they have lost the desire to listen to their yogis and those who have always spoken the truth here.
   The truth that the kingdom of heaven is within.
   The truth that when we turn our senses within, and be in meditation, only then can we find the river of energy that will bring true freedom from human suffering.
   The truth that it is always time to be kind and compassionate to each other and to all sentient beings. The truth that the best master/guru we have is within, breathing us, silently and lovingly supporting our existence. Yet here in India as in the Western world, once again I see that so many are embracing these ancient paradigms of truth, experiencing them so completely until they become these truths and no longer exist in worlds of separation, suffering and doubt.
   The force that loves us enough to give us life is not only loving and wise but it is also the most powerful resource of transformation that any being has access to. It can instantly transform our world if we open the inner plane doors to its well and ask to receive all its gifts and of this I have no doubt. There is no other resource that can do this, that can create the harmonics of unification and peace that many seek and yet this must be experienced to be believed. It is the one energy flow that unifies us all into a common frequency where all hungers disappear, it is the one energy that holds the keys to resolution to all the conflict in our world, no matter how insurmountable the problem may appear. 

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