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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ambassadors of Peace


My guidance as an Ambassador of Peace is to offer assistance and training, to anyone who comes to me, to: - a) gain clarity to help them manifest the Triple Win reality and b) to assist them to download from the infinite field of love the perfect resolutions to all conflict that will create a win-win-win situation; a win for the individual and all others involved in the situation plus a win for the planet as a whole.

We can no longer live in a me-me world focused on personal gain, and greed and ego issues, as the Christed waves in the Matrix – that are now feeding Earth’s evolution – no longer support these old paradigms. Understanding the energy waves in a field, applying Universal Law and working for the good of all allows us all access to great alchemy or forces which can bring lasting change into being.

There are so many different ways that we can direct, or alter the flow of energy, and every one of us does it every moment either consciously or not. For example, we can set up a grid point of radiation that beams out specific signals into the greater field and from this grid point we can venture out into the world to mingle with others and blend our energy fields just by being in each other’s presence. Even as a watcher in silence we are always mixing energy fields and are being affected by them to greater or lesser degrees. All of this mixes together throughout Gaia’s fields to determine the direction of our future and which dimensions we are magnetized into or move through. Spiritual experiences and realities are dependant completely on the science of magnetics – all of which we can control via will, vision, clarity, intention and lifestyle. - smiles Jasmuheen

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